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Rashawin Haaziq Bronson
(Board Member)

For over 10 years, Rashawn has been a noteworthy community leader in the Brooklyn and
Staten Island areas. You may know him from his work as an Entrepreneur for Kennedy Halal
Restaurant in the New Brighton area of Staten Island.

Additionally, he can also be credited to the creation as founder to a newly launched
organization called Muslim Peer Services, whose mission is to create a culture of healing and
wellness as peer support specialists for all of humanity. Using the guiding principles of Islam
and the 8 dimensions of wellness to foster long term recovery for those who face mental health
and substance use challenges.

As a certified peer support specialist, a non-clinical, state certified person advocate who has
progressed in their own recovery from mental health and/or substance/alcohol use, or formerly
incarcerated individual, Rashawn continues to ignite his passion for helping others. He has
always had a desire for community service in hopes of one day opening his own multi-service
center for peer support counseling, youth education, culinary arts, and sports programs.

In addition to his primary job functions, Rashawn has been recognized by many in his
community for his extraordinary commitment to serving humanity and assisting other nonprofit
entities in implementing their missions.

He attended Decker College in Louisville, Kentucky studying Electrical Engineer.
Rashawn and his wife Nyree have been happily married for 25 years, together they have five
children and four beautiful grandchildren.

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