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Jamilah A. Diallobe
(Board Member)

Jamilah Aminah Diallobe, Senior Asset Manager at Enterprise Community Asset
Management Inc (ECAM), has spent more than 30 years in the Low-Income Housing Tax
Credit Asset Management field. Her current focus is working with the affordable housing
developers on the partnerships created through the low-income housing tax credit to
maximize project performance, provide support and technical assistance to ECAM’s
partners to resolve problems/issues that they are confronting organizationally and/or on
specific projects. During her time on the Dispositions team, she coordinated ECAM’s
approach to transferring eligible tax credit properties to nonprofit sponsors at the end of
the 15-year tax credit compliance period.

Prior to joining ECAM in January 1999. Jamilah served for over six years working for
The National Equity Fund in their Portfolio Management Department. She ended her
tenure as the Director of Portfolio Management Operations for the Northeast Region.
Her responsibilities included developing a business plan for the region; developing and
setting department monitoring policies and standards; providing guidance to staff in
resolving project development and operational issues; establishing or maintaining
strategic relationships; providing recommendations to senior managers on investments
being considered; and producing project performance reports for Senior Management and
the Board. She also has 10 years experience in accounting at a non-profit housing
development company and a variety of other small business entities.

Jamilah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, with a minor in Finance & Investments,
from Johnson & Wales University. She has received certifications as an Institute of Real
Estate Management (IREM) Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), Certified Credit
Compliance Professional (C3P), and has passed the exam for her Housing Credit
Compliance Professional (HCCP) designation.

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