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Dr. Aliyah Morgan Sabah(Founding Board Member/General Secretary

Dr. Aliyah Morgan Sabah, MD, MPH, Oldest daughter of true community educators, activists and medical professionals.  No sacrifice was too big for the family or the community. Worked in Primary care for over 45 years and have taught medical professionals and middle school students through-out many of those years.


Dr. Aliyah has been a Medical provider for people in the Tri-state area as well as East and West Africa.  Primary medical interest has been Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Disease and its impact on the health of women of color, and their families.


Dr. Aliyah also assists in combating the damaging effects of Domestic violence, Infectious diseases and poverty on the health of these families and communities.  She graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook, and received a MPH in health Education from CUNY-Hunter, and has authored and co-authored educational materials for various members of society.


With all of her accomplishments, Dr. Aliyah Morgan Sabah lists embracing Islam in the early 1970’s the most rewarding, and states: “I am committed to servicing all of Allah’s Creation, assisting and encouraging people to aspire in achieving their full God given potential”.

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